Revenue Section

The Land Revenue Section at the District Collectorate deals with Mutation and Acquisition of land and Land Bank Scheme and is headed by the Deputy Director, Revenue Officer and their team of Revenue Inspectors, Head Surveyors and Village Level Officers/Amins. The section also issues Certificates like Non-encumbrance Certificate, Property Certificate and Search Certificate.

Revenue setup

Administrative Setup

Mutation of Land

There are four types of Mutation:

  1. By inheritance of ancestral property
  2. By registration of a purchased or gifted land
  3. By acquisition of land by the Government
  4. By Court Case


  • Applications are received along with a Bank receipt of Rs.300/- as Survey fee for the demarcation of land.
  • Verification of land is done by the concerned Village Level Officer (VLO) or Revenue Supervisor. The Spot Verification Report is submitted by them.
  • A one month Notice is issued. During this period No Objection Certificates are to be obtained from the concerned Gram Panchayat, family members, boundary holders and organizations like MPCS etc.
  • Approval for mutation is taken after receipt of the requisite documents from Deputy Director(L/R).
  • Updating of record and correction in map is made.
  • The parcha is issued after the correction of records in the Office.
  • A copy of the Mutation Order is sent to the concerned VLO for correction of the Khasra and Khatiyan in the concerned Revenue Circle.

Time Taken:

1 month time during the Notice period +1 day for processing of documents.

Land Acquisition

Sl No. Procedure Time Taken (days)
1 Preliminary Survey 7
2 Notice issued to concerned land owners 15
3 Receipt of Form A Rule 3 from Acquiring Agency 7
4 Submission of draft of Notification u/s 4(1) of Land Acquisition Act-I,1894 to the Head Office and publication of the Notification in the Government Gazette by the Secretary LR&DMD 30
5 Public Notice issued u/s 5’A’ 30
6.** Submission of draft of Declaration u/s 6 of Land Acquisition Act-I,1894 and publication in the Government Gazette by the Secretary,LR&DMD 45
7 Request of Order of Acquisiton and approval of the Government for the acquisition 20
8 Survey and demarcation of the proposed land for acquisition 6
9 General Notice Clause (I)&(II) and (III)& (IV) u/s 9 of the Land Acquisition Act-I,1894 30
10 Hearing of Claims and Objections from parties upon the proposed land to be acquired 15
11 Submission of draft of Award Declaration u/s 11 of the Land Acquisition Act-I,1894 and approval of the Government 60
12 Disbursement of Compensation
13 Handing and taking over of land between the acquiring agency and the landowners 7
14 Mutation of acquired land and issue of Parcha 2
Total time taken: 274

** In case the process for the acquisition takes more than 2 years till this level, the whole process is to be followed from Serial number 1 onwards.

Land Bank Scheme

The State Government has initiated the Land Bank Scheme vide Notification no.388/LR dated 13.08.1997.

The main objective of this scheme is to provide land to the landless citizens of Sikkim. More than 400 families of South District have benefited under this scheme and have been provided with half an acre of land.


  • Applications are received in the prescribed format along with “No landed Property Certificates” from the concerned Revenue Supervisors, Sikkim Subject Certificate / Certificate of Identification, Panchayat recommendation and a copy of the Parcha of the proposed seller of the land.
  • Verification of the application is made by the Office of the Deputy Director (L/R) / Concerned Head Supervisor.
  • Thereafter, applications received for a particular fiscal year are compiled.
  • The names of the applicants are enlisted and forwarded to the Secretary, LR&DMD for financial sanction and approval.
  • After the required fund has been sanctioned, the list of beneficiaries is sent back to the District office.
  • Allotment orders are prepared and issued by the District Collector to the beneficiaries either during the Janata Melas or from the Office of the District Collector itself.
  • Once land has been identified by the beneficiary and the seller of the land agrees to the transaction, the registration process is carried out as per the norms. Approval of the District Collector is taken for final registration of the land under the Land Bank Scheme.

Non-Encumbrance Certificate

  • Application along with Bank Receipt of Rs.20/-
  • Copy of Parcha
  • Verification Report of concerned Revenue Surveyor
  • Khazana Receipt

Property Certificate

  1. Application along with Bank Receipt of Rs.20/-
  2. Copy of Parcha
  3. Khazana Receipt

Search Certificate

  1. Application along with Bank Receipt of Rs.120/-
  2. Copy of land parcha and Sale Deed Document if the land is not an ancestral property
  3. Khazana Receipt