Building And Housing

In past, the Sikkim Public works Department used to undertake all engineering related tasks. It was only in the late 80s that the Sikkim Public Works Department was restructured and specialized departments including Buildings & Housing Department were formed.The mandate given to the newly formed Buildings & Housing Department was development of physical infrastructure in Sikkim in form of buildings, the Buildings & Housing Department is also tasked with maintenance of these structures.

The Buildings & Housing Department Is further empowered to regulate and scrutinise the DPRs of mega industrial projects, Pharmaceutical factories and other related structures.

Construction is taken up under two budget heads : Residential Building under Housing Sector and Non-residential Buildings under Public Works Sector.
These two founding task of Buildings & Housing Department lends to the tangible and intangible developmental dividends for sikkim. The Buildings & Housing Department also shares it expertise and experience with other Departments for the construction of buildings under their department.

the Buildings & Housing Department also carries out maintenance and special repairs of all the government buildings which come under public works and housing sectors. The department also organises training and conducts seminars on new emerging technologies like GRIHA. All works taken up by the department are executed as per laid down procedures and provisions envisioned in Sikkim Public Works Code and Manual. Under the present Government, the manpower of the department has seen a major increase with experts on specific fields. The overall administrative structure is in the following pages.

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