Animal Husbandry, Livestock, Fisheries & Veterinary Services

The Department of Animal Husbandry Livestock Fisheries and Veterinary Services is one of the important Technical departments of the Government of Sikkim which came into existence as a separate department from April, 1975. The Department is headed by Commissioner cum Secretary under the Charge of Minister of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services and the technical section is headed by Principal Director and two Directors. The district administration is headed by Joint director beside which the department has the technical cells headed by Joint Directors viz: Breeding Cell , Disease Investigation Cell , Feed & Fodder Cell and Extension & Training Cell.


Animal Husbandry sector is the major source of the supplementary income for the rural households. Livestock production had always been an integral part of the rural livelihood in Sikkim. The livestock wealth of Sikkim still constitutes a natural resource base with immense livelihood implications. The contribution of the livestock sector to the state NSDP is around 6% to 7%. The Department is responsible for all aspects of growth and development of livestock sector in the state. The department advises, guides and capacitate the rural mass/unemployed youth/Self Help Group etc: to maintain different types of poultry and livestock starting from types of breed to be selected, maintenance and health care aspects. Sikkim’s Agriculture economy depends upon symbiosis of crop and livestock production. However, in view of the limited cultivable land holdings and decline in soil fertility, livestock production is the ultimate answer to provide sustainable economic upliftment of the rural masses. Keeping these factors in view, the main function of the Department of Animal Husbandry Livestock Fisheries and Veterinary Services is to increase the production of milk, meat, eggs, wool etc. to meet growing demand of human populations meeting their animal protein requirement. Beside these , regulations on abbatoirs for production of hygienic meat , regulation of livestock and livestock products, animal disease control and containment and animal welfare measures are taken care of by the department. Department is also responsible for dissemination of advances and technologies to the target group, research and development ,survey & production of statistical data, fodder development and conservations of indigenous breeds of livestock.

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