Roads and Bridges

The Public Works Roads and Bridges Department is the pioneer department engaged in development and creation of infrastructure of roads & bridges in Sikkim. With an increased workload the department has been divided and new departments have been created like Buildings & Housing, Water Security and PHED, Irrigation and Flood Control etc. The allocations of business to each department have been defined in the Rules of Business by the state government. The main function of the Roads and Bridges department is to plan and develop road network throughout the state. It also maintains the road network that has been created in the past years for the smooth flow of both passengers and goods. During the monsoons the heavy rains cause widespread damages along the road network and keeping the road network open 24 hours during such period poses a tremendous challenge for the officers and staff of both the Civil as well as well as Mechanical arms of the Roads and Bridges department. The deployment of a large number of machineries is also necessary for keeping the road open during such calamities. Apart from constructing new roads and maintaining the existing road network the department is also engaged in up-gradation of the existing road network and bridges. These involve modification of vital parts of the bridges, replacement of old and weak bridges, widening / improving the grade as well as strengthening the surface of different roads, that require such up-gradation works. 

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