DC chaired a monsoon preparedness meeting at Conference Hall, DAC, Namchi

Publish Date : 04/05/2023

Namchi, 3rd May (IPR): DC (Namchi) Mr. M. Bharani Kumar chaired a monsoon preparedness meeting at Conference Hall, DAC, Namchi, today.
Present during the meeting were officials from different line departments of Namchi District, as well as representatives from Private Companies.
The purpose of the meeting was to assess the measures being taken to handle any potential issues arising from the monsoon season in the district.
The District Collector(Namchi) stressed the importance of effective communication between different departments to avoid any unfavourable circumstances. He gave clear instructions to various departments, including Land Revenue and Disaster Management, Power, Roads and Bridges, RDD, Forest, Water Supply and Public Health, Agriculture/Horticulture and various other departments to carry out clearance work and obtain necessary permissions for excavation work before the monsoon season. He also emphasised the need for timely deployment of personnel and equipment as required. He urged sub-district magistrates to collaborate with road survey officials to identify sites prone to road widening, landslides, and damage to public property, and to report these findings so that people at risk can be alerted in advance. These locations will be surveyed by officials from the relevant department.
Throughout the meeting, there was a thorough review and discussion of factors that are determined by the physical and environmental characteristics, which make individuals or regions more vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters.
Representatives from different departments highlighted vulnerable areas and discussed safety measures to prevent calamities in specific locations.
Queries and proposals were addressed by the department representatives in a constructive manner during the meeting.
At the meeting’s conclusion, The district collector encouraged the line departments to take necessary action to avoid any damage to life or property during the monsoon season after carefully considering the complaints and recommendations made by the line departments.