Participation and Showcasing of Technology in National Technology Day – 2023 at Sikkim Science Centre, Marchak

Publish Date : 12/05/2023

Namchi, 11th May: Krishi Vigyan Kendra South Sikkim, Namthang participated in the State Level Exhibition organised by Department of Science and Technology, Government of Sikkim at Sikkim Science Centre, Marchak on the occasion of National Technology Day – 11th May. The team from Krishi Vigyan Kendra South Sikkim led by Senior Scientist and Head, Shri Indra Prasad Shivakoti showcased the various technologies disseminated by the Institute.
Dr. Pravesh Shivakoty, Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection), KVK South Sikkim demonstrated the modern technology of precision agriculture – Agriculture Drone. Agriculture Drone is an unmanned arial vehicle used for uniform spray of crop nutrients leading to optimised crop yield. It also provides information on crop growth stages, health and soil variation.
Dr. Chewang Norbu Bhutia, Subject Matter Specialist (Animal Science), KVK South Sikkim showcased the value-added products of the weavers of ‘Chubako’ an entrepreneurship cluster promoted by KVK Namthang through OFPO – NABARD.
As 2023 being International Year of Millets, production technology and its nutritional benefits were also illustrated through posters. Other technologies like Vertical Farming, Natural Farming, a promising Multiple Disease Resistant Tomato Variety Arka Abhed and Climate Resilient Technologies were also exemplified through posters and extension folders.
(Press Release from KVK, Namthang)