Review and Planning Meeting for Aspirational Block Namchi and Sampoornata Abhiyan

Publish Date : 29/06/2024

Namchi, 28 June : A comprehensive review and planning meeting for the Aspirational Block Namchi was chaired by the District Collector of Namchi, Ms. Annapurna Alley. The meeting saw the participation of the steering committee and block-level officials from five key departments: Education, Health, Nutrition, Agriculture and allied services, Social Development and Infrastructure.
During the session, all 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the block were reviewed. Ms. Alley provided insightful remarks on the KPIs, highlighting the underlying issues that need to be addressed for enhanced performance.
Additionally, planning for the upcoming Sampoornata Abhiyan, which will be celebrated across all India Aspirational Block Programs (ABP) and Aspirational District Programs (ADP), was conducted. The focus will be on saturating six specific KPIs within a three-month timeframe.
It was also resolved that Block Level Officers (BLOs) will convene every fortnight to track progress and monitor the KPIs, ensuring consistent and effective implementation of the planned initiatives.