Temporary Water Supply arrangement for Namchi Town

Publish Date : 13/06/2024

Namchi, 12 June (IPR) This for general information to all residents of Namchi area that, as a result of incessant rainfall on the night of 9th June 2024, the main water supply pipeline feeding Namchi has been damaged at several points. Since restoration of the damaged pipeline will take time therefore, engineers of the PHE Department have identified local sources for tapping of water which will be diverted to the main reservoir at Ghurpisey.
The water stored in the main reservoir will be distributed through existing distribution network. However, the discharge of local sources is very minimal, therefore distribution of water will be as per the distribution scheduled prepared by the PHE Department in order to ensure adequate water availability for all areas within Namchi town.
In addition to above arrangement the concerned department has also arranged for water tanker to meet up water demands.
The PHE Department has also nominated Mr Sonam Karthak, Assistant Engineer, PHED as a nodal officer. For any queries kindly contact the same in the number provided please(9832826338).
The schedule for the distribution of water supply are as follows