Sharchog Bey Phug (The Hidden Cave in the East)

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Of the numerous sacred caves blessed and sanctified by Ugyen Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) in Sikkim during the 8th century AD, four (the ‘Phug Chen Zhi’) are considered particularly significant and hallowed as these surround Tashiding, the spiritual centre and heart of Denjong, in the four cardinal directions. The Guru is believed to have meditated in these caves.

Among the Phug Chen Zhi four sacred caves, the first that one is traditionally supposed to visit is the hallowed ‘Sharchog Bey Phug” or “The Hidden Cave in the East’.

The sacred cave is located to the east of Tashiding at Sangmo village, about an hours walk from Rabong town in south Sikkim. Local people revere it as ‘Sangmo Ney’. It is believed that this was the first cave to be blessed by Ugyen Guru Rinpoche in Sikkim. It is a vast cave / cavern, about quarter of a mile in length, and is said to extend right upto Mt. Tendong and Maenam Hill. The sacred ‘Denjong Nye-yig’ text of Lhatsun Kyabgon Jigmed Pawo states that the height of this cave varies from five feet to a hundred feet. The cave holds a number of self-arisen figures. Upon entering the cave, to the right, one can see figures of forty-two peaceful deities; and to the left, figures of sixty-nine wrathful deities. At the entrance lies the seat of Ugyen Guru Rinpoche upon which he had sat while meditating here. It is believed that the blessings accrued from visiting this holy site has the power to fulfill one’s wishes.

Nearby, is also located the Dorje Jhangchub Sharchog Bey Phug Goenpa which is under the auspices of His Eminence the Xth Tingkye Gonjang Rinpoche. Rinpoche hails from Sangmo.

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