Land Bank Scheme

Date : 03/09/2011 - | Sector: Land Revenue

The State Government has initiated the Land Bank Scheme vide Notification no. 20/LR&DMD/2001-02/Part II/24/(R) dated 03.09.2011.

Whereas the State Government has deemed it necessary to provide land to the local Sukumbasis (land less) in the rural areas by allotting 0.25 acre of land to each of the Sukumbasis for construction of dwelling house, cultivation and other allied activities with a view to raise the income of such Sukumbasis and bring them above poverty line

Eligibility Conditions

A Sukumbasi claiming the land under the Scheme shall fulfill the following eligibility conditions, namely:

  1. he/she must be a head of the family of a Below Poverty Line household;
  2. he/she shall hold a Sikkim Subject Certificate or Certificate of Identification;
  3. he/she must not own any landed property registered in his/her name; the above condition shall however be relaxed in the case of a person declared by the Government as displaced by disaster and has no land to build his/ her dwelling house;
  4. there should not be any inheritable landed property in his/her father’s name.


Landless Citizens (sukumbasis) of Sikkim


0.25 acre of land for landless Citizens (sukumbasis) of Sikkim

How To Apply

Any Sukumbasi desirous of applying for the allotment of land fulfilling the above Eligibility Criteria may apply for allotment of land under the Scheme in the prescribed form to the District Collector concerned. The applicant shall briefly state in the application the reason of having become a Sukumbasi.

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